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Irrigation Scheme Modernisation

  • Provide survey and design services for construction of modernised irrigation scheme, Tenandra Scheme, Warren, NSW
  • Prepare Modernisation Planning Report for Grawlin Water Scheme, Forbes, NSW

Whole farm planning and flood modelling

Preparation of whole farm irrigation system designs including irrigation storage, supply, drainage and fields. Modelling of flooding effects using one and two dimensional models and preparation of detailed reports on flooding for flood work approvals. Recent examples include:

  • 3000 hectares of irrigation “Noongaburra”, Hay NSW
  • 619 hectares of irrigation “Ellangabba”, Goondiwindi QLD
  • 600 hectares of irrgation CSD farms, Narrabri NSW

Grain Storage Design

Tasks included the review of existing infrastructure, filling equipment, pavement design and drainage systems:

  • Design of new bunker, reconfigure existing bunker and upgrade stacker lanes, Nevertire NSW
  • Upgrade earth wall bunker to concrete walled with new stacker lane, Quandialla NSW
  • Upgrade earth walled bunker to concrete walled, Parkes NSW

Compacted earth fill dams

Predominantly ring tank dams with zoned embankments 3 to 6 metres (m) high. Tasks included planning, runoff harvest modelling, soil investigation, embankment design and specification, construction supervision and check survey. Recent examples include:

  • 164,000 m3 embankment storing 750 ML at “Wambianna”, Trangie, NSW
  • 71,100 m3 embankment storing 270ML at “Walla Wallah”, Forbes, NSW

Irrigation Feasibility

Tasks include modelling of potential water supplies, on-farm losses and crop water requirements to determine viability of proposed irrigation developments. Recent examples include:

  • Feasibility study and report for development of 1500 ha of irrigation on the Julia Creek, Julia Creek, QLD

Sprinkler irrigation

Tasks included determination of water requirements and availability, evaluation of existing systems, design and preparation of specification for installation and upgrade recommendations

  • 3300 hectares of lateral move irrigation at “Wyadra”, Hillston NSW. 

Culvert Structures

Hydraulic and structural design of flow control and access structures in earth canals up to 8 m3/s capacity. Recent examples include:

  • 900mm reinforced concrete culvert under public road “Westella” Narrabri NSW

Complete pumping station design and specification

Including conceptual and detailed design, pump and motor selection and construction supervision for canal re-lift and tailwater pumping stations. Examples include:

  • 1 x 650mm volute centrifugal pumps reservoir pumping station, 1100 L/s at “Anglebone”, Narromine, NSW
  • 1 x 500mm volute centrifugal creek pumping station, 500 L/s at “Wambianna” Trangie, NSW

Complete Stock Water Reticulation Systems

Including survey and selection of suitable watering points, hydraulic analysis of pipeline system, pump selection, tender analysis, cooling grid design and construction supervision. Projects include:

  • 64 km scheme, 40,000 sheep capacity at “Patrisha Downs” Ilfracombe, QLD
  • 30 km scheme, 2,000 cattle capacity at “Carrum” Julia Creek, QLD
  • 14 km scheme, 300 cattle cell grazing capacity at “Browning Vale” Manilla, NSW

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