Tahlee Consulting Services is a consulting engineering firm with 5 full time engineers based in North West New South Wales. The 3 directors have more than 35 years combined  experience in a variety of projects including:

  • irrigation feasibility studies
  • agricultural developments
  • irrigation system design, audit, evaluation and upgrade
  • water storages and lined evaporation ponds
  • stock water reticulation systems
  • pumping stations
  • flood modelling
  • supermarket construction
  • drainage for residential subdivisions
  • software development and testing
  • railway sidings
  • grain storage systems, both silos and bunkers
  • sporting fields and polo fields
  • management of farming enterprises

With 5 qualified engineers living in North West NSW we are committed to the success of regional Australia and seek to provide professional advice and services that help our clients prosper. We offer a full range of services for all agricultural, engineering and construction projects. These services can range from full project management to design, survey or drafting. Our commitment is to provide the level of professional input you require at a competitive price.

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